Hands-on Workspace ONE

Fondo & VMware will guide you through a step-by-step, hands-on Workspace ONE configuration. Follow our experts in these 8 free sessions and learn how to build your own Workspace ONE environment. This includes Active Directory Integration, all operating systems, and connecting Single Sign On tot Office 365. So that your collegues can work safely with any device! Every week you’ll receive a video in your inbox that you can watch any moment, on demand.


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In 8 weeks you will learn everything about creating and managing your own Workspace ONE environment. These are the video’s you can expect:

  • Week 1: The one with the setup: We’ll take you along in setting up Workspace ONE
  • Week 2: The one with Devices: You’ll learn more about branding, integration and device enrolling
  • Week 3: The one with Profiles: We’ll show you how to create profiles
  • Week 4: The one with SaaS apps: You’ll learn to set up SaaS apps and administrator profiles. And you’ll learn how Single Sign On works
  • Week 5: The one with Native Apps & Horizon: By using Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Horizon, we'll also present the collaboration apps
  • Week 6: The one with Office 365: This week you will learn how to use Office 365 and Workspace ONE
  • Week 7: The one with security: We’ll show you how to combine intrinsic security for apps on multiple devices
  • Week 8: Troubleshooting & Tips: This final week we’ll discuss what the most common challenges are when troubleshooting within a Workspace ONE environment


Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE is a simple business platform that safely provides- and manages applications for any device. So that any of your colleagues can work safely at any time and place.


Easy access

VMware Workspace ONE combines identity recognition with device management. Access is granted conditionally, based on the network used or the device’s location, for example. After secured log-in, access to the Workspace ONE app enables your employees to use their personal work environment. After the first log-in, they don’t need to go through this process again.

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Choice in device

Users are the most productive working with the device of their own choosing. Workspace ONE is applicable to any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone, handheld scanner, etc.) and connects with any system.

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All applications in one clear overview

Applications come from many sources: from a mobile app store or as a SaaS service, for example. Users can be confused about which application is at which location. Existing apps and local software can be integrated in Workspace ONE fully and clearly.

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Flexible and simple

Workspace ONE is available as a cloud service, but can also be implemented locally. The business platform is simple, flexible and safe.

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You will learn 

Everything about Workspace ONE

In 8 video’s we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Workspace ONE. We will guide you through:

  • Setups
  • Enrolling devices
  • Configuring profiles
  • Integrating SaaS applications
  • Integrating Horizon applications
  • Office 365
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting

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About us

Fondo & VMware

Fondo is principal VMware partner Data Center Virtualization and the Digital Workspace. We earned our Master Services Competencies (MSC) with our years of shown expertise on both topics. With our strong partnership with VMware, as well as with our specialists’ expertise, we help our clients implement and manage VMware solutions on a daily basis.

Fondo specializes in the modern workspace. We enable end users to work on any device, at any location, with any application. So that they can always execute their jobs in a safe and user friendly manner.

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VMware, the world leader in infrastructure virtualization, provides virtualization solutions – from workspace to datacenter, from applications to the cloud – that at the same time help your organization to save resources.

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Is device management also a challenge for you right now? In the coming video demo's, Fondo & VMware will help you create your ideal digital workplace with Workspace ONE. Sothat you can easily and safely manage applications on any device, with just one organizational platform.

  • Eight video’s with step-by-step guidance
  • All aspects will be discussed
  • A complete configuration will be shown
  • Made by Fondo & VMware specialists
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    • A new video in your inbox every week.
    • Learn everything about Workspace ONE.
    • Clear and practical guidance by our experts!
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Do you want to learn more about a user friendly digital workspace? Ask Joris!

Joris Adriaanse vertelt u hier graag alles over. Neem contact op!
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